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  • Car Tyre ID Service
    To secure and protect your Tyre from any sort of swapping and theft, we offer highly secured "TYRE ID SERVICE" with 12 months warranty. Under this service, we imprint a secured ID over the Tyre that generally used to be number of your vehicle. The advantage of this TYRE ID is - whenever someone
  • Car Glass Etching Service
    VIN (vehicle identification number )etching is a counter measure to motor vehicle theft. It most commonly involves the use of a stencil and an acidic etching paste/engraving machine to engrave a  vehicle identification number (VIN) on to the windshield , windows & Rims. Most auto part buyers will
  • Car Battery ID Service
    To secure and protect your battery from any sort of swapping and theft, we offer highly secured “Battery Id Services" with life time warranty. Under this service, we imprint a secured id over the battery that generally used to be number of your vehicle. The advantage of this battery id is -
  • Car Silencer Coating Service
    The exposed surface of your silencer, under the car, brushes against bad roads, stones and is splashed with muddy water causing the silencer to rust and leak.Our chrome silencer coating treatment provides a temporary protective coating for silencers of all types of vehicles from corrosion and
  • Car Underbody Transparent Coatings Services
    Under body coating for fortified rust free under body a car’s under body is exposed to the most wear and tear caused by muddy water, potholed roads, stones and other obstacles on the road. Because it’s not in plain sight, we often do not see the damage.We offer you a long term solution for
  • Car Underbody Black Coatings Service
    A Car’s Underbody Is Exposed To The Most Wear And Tear Caused By Muddy Water, Potholed Roads, Stones And Other Obstacles On The Road. Because It’s Not In Plain Sight, We Often Do Not See The Damage.We Offer You A Solution For Issues Related To Corrosion And Rust First, The Car Under Body Is
  • Car Paint Protection Service
    Think about the first time you saw your car – do you remember how that glossy ‘new car’ shine on your car’s exterior made you smile? Unfortunately no matter how well you look after your car, it never retains its original shine.  We may wash and wax our cars, but this gloss lasts only for a
  • Car Interior Dry Cleaning Service
    Almost every single day, for the most of us, the morning journey in our car to work is the time which decides our mood for the rest of the day. We travel on an average for more than an hour through pollution, dust and heavy traffic, which makes us tired and agitated. It can be even more frustrating
  • Car Gloss Seal Coating Service
    Maintain your existing car's paint shine and gloss and protects it against dust marks and bird droppings. gloss seal forms a protective layer over you car's paint. it is recommended only for new cars or cars with existing smooth and glossy surface. Benifits : Preserves paint for a longer
  • Car Engine Coating Service
    To enhance the performance and life of your four wheeler vehicle's engine, we  provide superb  high quality dissolved  chemical coatings which is not lacquer or lacquer based. This type of engine compartment coating protects your vehicle from electrical short circuit that cause fire.It is highly
  • Car Battery Terminal Coating Service
    Features : Engineered to work under severe conditions to Ensures easy application and maintenance. Enhances battery life and zero corrosion of terminals. Rust and Corrosion free battery terminals. Economical to use Zero wastage and effortless application. Protects from sophistication and improves
  • Car Rubbing Polishing Services
    Over time, your car's paint may begin to fade and lose its shine and lustre. Harsh environmental conditions and prolonged exposure to sunlight are the two main culprits. Left unprotected, your car’s paint will start oxidizing. Paint oxidation occurs when moisture is removed from the top layers
  • Car Anti Rat Coating Service
    Is your car suffering a rodent attack?Generally used rodent repellents like rat cakes, sprays, nets, etc, are ineffective against rodent attacks. These attacks result in extensive damage to engine components, cables and other parts. Rodent inflicted damage leads to breakdowns that are costly to
  • Car Brake Drum Caliper Coating Service
    For better look and shine of wheel drum and gives a modified appearance to the car by special color coat treatment , available in all colors. Further it also prevents the chance of  corrosion and comes with anti cracking and fade technology to ensure its dignity at high temperatures and also gives
  • Car AC Vent Cleaning Service
    Your car’s AC circulates clean and cool air as long as its evaporator and AC VENTS are clean and unblocked. When it is clogged with dirt – as it may happen every 10,000 km – the AC cooling reduces, circulating smelly, contaminated air full of microbes that affects the health and the cabin
  • Car Lubrication Service
    This Lubrication Spray is scientifically formulated for long lasting and extreme pressure lubricantion which operates under the most severe pressure and abrasive conditions. This product is developed as industrial Chain Lubricant but is also suitable for a numerous of other applications. It
  • Car Engine Fire Protection Service
    As it is quite common for cars to get burnt due to spark caused by spark from wires, leaving the life of the occupants in danger. day by day the incidents of car burning are increasing,so in order to eliminate this scenario, we  provide superb  high quality sprayed Teflon dissolved  chemical
  • Car Washing Service
    Waterless Car WashAre you wasting water on your car wash?Water is vital and cities are experiencing critical shortage. Hence, we must optimize usage for non-essential purposes like car washes. Conventionally, cars are washed using high pressure water of approximately 100 liters per car.We

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